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17th July 2012


Dee Brown’s Point Guard Exposure Camp! Brought to you by Hoops4Health!! #CheckItOut!

Dee Brown’s Point Guard Exposure Camp! Brought to you by Hoops4Health!! #CheckItOut!

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15th August 2011


Events to look forward too!

Here’s where you can catch Dee Brown before he heads out

Wednesday, August 17th 10p-4a Dee Brown’s Birthday Party at Joes Bar on Weed Street in Chicago, IL!!  Dee will be DJ’ing from 10-1230 with a special performance at 12:30a from his new mixtape NEW HOBBY!

THE DJ Sean Mac will be on the tables from 1a-4a!!

Door starts at $10 til 1a … email brownincmovement@gmail.com for all night discounted entry!!

Friday, August 19th  Rebel Bar is having an Illini Football Kickoff party starting at 8pm.  Dee is guest appearing from 9p-11p signing autographs and mingling.  There is a hosted bar with Bud Light and well drinks from 9p-10p!!

Saturday, August 20th 3p-5p  Autograph signing and another mixtape release at DLTR in the North Riverside Mall 7501 W. Cermak Road



3rd August 2011

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Last preview before the official August 5th release.

This song needs to intro, no explanation… its what I love.

My single off of NEW HOBBY…


3rd August 2011


Hustlin →

Video shot by Marcus Smith

2nd August 2011

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Official release of NEW HOBBY mixtape coming up in four days!! This fourth song and second to last release is titled “Take A Picture”. This track is about what its called… when you are doing your thing … people can take a picture!!! Song features another Chicago artist “Renaissance”!  I really hope you enjoy this, can’t wait for official release!!  Check it out, let me know what you think!!

If you are new to the site enjoy!!!  If this is a repeat visit… continue to enjoy Dunny Music….RESPECT THE MOVEMENT…


27th July 2011

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This next track was recorded about a year ago here in Chicago… Shout out to the BOILER ROOM. This banger is called ‘MONEY RIGHT’!!!! It features my dude Alando Tucker, ex-Wisconsin Badger star who also makes music and it’s just one of those songs that you gone rock with because with these two hoopers on one track… its pretty dope. So without further adieu… I hope you enjoy New Hobby the mixtape, it’s yo boy DUNNY! Thanks for listening, thanks for your time means a lot to me!

22nd July 2011

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Welcome back! This is the second song on the mixtape called “I’m that boi”. “‘Im that boi” was made to allow my listeners to fully understand my passion and crazy work ethic in the booth! This song was made here in Chicago, its a new addition to the mixtape and its one of my favorite tracks! This was the first song I wrote when getting the plane to China this past season. Its one of those club joints that when played it goes down so I hope y’all continue to enjoy Dunny Music….RESPECT THE MOVEMENT…


20th July 2011

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The Introduction to my new mixtape “NEW HOBBY"….Dee Brown is definitely in the building! I got the opportunity to record here in Chicago after recording majority of my mixtape overseas in Italy, Israel and Turkey. Enjoy and welcome to the movement! Again thanks so much for the love & support! I really think this will be a great look for me as I come out with my 3rd mixtape. NEW HOBBY is the one tho! Trust me!

yo boy Lil Dunny

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